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Let's copy, church

Give up your rights for the sake of the kingdom

What's the problem?

The commercialization of ministry — through paywalls and copyright

A vast amount of Christian resources exist (books, songs, trainings, etc) to further God's kingdom, and yet most of them are restricted to paying customers. Copyright also automatically applies to new resources, making them illegal to share, whether the authors intend it or not.

This is hindering ministry in various ways:

  1. Helpful resources are not being shared as widely as they could be
  2. Many unintentionally break the law by sharing copyrighted resources
  3. We're being taught to pay for ministry rather than partner in it

What does the Bible say?

Jesus explicitly told his disciples to "freely give" (Matthew 10:8) and the rest of Scripture also testifies to this command. This is at odds with paywalls and copyright which are all about restricting what is given for the benefit of the creator rather than those they serve.

What can I do?

1. Raise awareness of this issue

3. Join those committed to freely giving

4. Explore our collection of free resources


Yes, copyright has some positive benefits and is often used with good intentions. However, we believe in most cases the negatives far outweigh the positives and also go against the biblical ethic of "giving freely". It may be tempting to have a knee-jerk reaction to this, however we'd encourage you to first carefully consider the biblical basis and common objections.

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