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Free your resource

It is very easy to free your resource from copyright, simply linking to a license is enough. Freely giving can involve sacrifice, and these licenses can't be revoked, so prayerfully consider the terms before using them.


Completely free
Share with conditions

To truly "give freely" you must give up all rights to your resource by dedicating it to the public domain.

1. Choose your preferred badge

If you can't add a badge or don't wish to, you can just write "Dedicated to the public domain".

2. Add the badge to your resource

The badge could go inside your resource (for books etc) or next to your resource (for music/images/etc).

3. Add the link (most important)

Make clicking the badge go to the link. If your resource will ever be printed (e.g. a book), also place the link text below the badge so it isn't lost when not clickable.