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Free your resource

You can instantly free your resource from copyright at any time. You simply need to say it is "dedicated to the public domain". This is permanent and will allow anyone to use your resource in any way they please, as you will be "freely giving" without any conditions. If you have any concerns about this, please browse these common objections.

1. Select the type of resource

2. Choose your preferred badge

Let's copy, church

Text only

3. Add "Dedicated to the public domain" to your resource

Paste it either inside your resource or next to any links to download it.

Optional additions

You may wish to elaborate on what people can do with your resource and why you have made it free. For example:

You can copy, translate, modify, and distribute this resource, without restriction, and without needing to ask permission.

This resource is freely given (Matt 10:8) for the sake of the gospel.

4. Add the public domain link (⚠️ important)

This link points to legal text that permanently relinquishes your ownership of the resource. Please ensure you have read and understand it. Make the dedication go to it when clicked or paste it below it.