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How to publish

Once you have dedicated your resource to the public domain, you'll then need to make it easy for everyone to access. For any type of resource you should:

  1. Release the source files: It can be very difficult to improve or translate a resource without the original source files, so ensure you publish them along with the final product.
  2. Distribute them on existing platforms: We don't currently host resources ourselves, so you should use existing platforms to share them around.


There are some publishers around who may publish your book for you, such as:

Most authors will want to self-publish. In which case, we have a detailed guide for you:

Self-publishing a free book


Publish your music in a variety of formats so that it can be easily adapted to whatever circumstances people require: lyrics, chords, music notation, acoustic track, and final track.

If you produce congregational music, let us know as we're building a collection.


Publish on Youtube but also ad-free platforms like Let's Church (a like-minded site independent from us). Also ensure there is a way to easily download the video for offline use and editing.


Most software developers will already be familiar with GitHub and GitLab. Be sure to choose a license that does not have any conditions as most require attribution at the very least. We recommend the MIT No Attribution license.