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About this site

This is a collaborative effort of like-minded people who take seriously Jesus' command to "freely give". Gracious Tech manages the site, in close consultation with other significant contributors.


If you have questions regarding this site, feel free to get in touch with Gracious Tech or reach out to other contributors. Changes can also be suggested on GitHub.


We are Reformed Evangelical in theology. We will publish any resources that attempt to interpret Scripture in a faithful way, even if we disagree with the conclusions. But we will not publish anything that directly contradicts or manipulates Scripture. Examples being:

  • Relativism
  • Prosperity theology
  • Non-biblical sexuality


We affirm the right to financial support for ministry, but like Paul in 1 Corinthians 9, we feel there are some contexts where it is best to even give up that legitimate right. So to ensure there is no confusion regarding the motives of this site, we do not accept donations for Let's copy, church. Rather, we greatly encourage you to consider financially supporting those already freely giving.

All content on this site (except content belonging to a third-party) is dedicated to the public domain and all code is open source.

Anything belonging to a third-party is attributed as so, except when attribution isn't required (such as with Unsplash images).

We give up all legal rights, but request for the benefit of others:

  • You avoid using our brand (name, logo, colors, etc.) for adaptations not associated with us
  • Consider working with us before creating duplicate sites or translations


We are not a law firm and do not provide legal services or legal advice. Distribution of licenses does not create a lawyer-client or other relationship. We make licenses and related information available on an “as-is” basis. We give no warranties regarding licenses, any material licensed under their terms and conditions, or any related information. We disclaim all liability for damages resulting from their use to the fullest extent possible.