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Why not require attribution?

It is appropriate to give credit where credit is due and the apostles at times did so (2 Peter 3:15), but would they have demanded it? The problem with all the Creative Commons licenses is that they all require giving attribution whenever a resource is used, even if it would be distracting or inconvenient to do so.

For example, most critical texts of the New Testament are copyrighted and require attributing when used. This means new Bible translations would need to attribute them, and anyone using the translations would also need to do so. So to quote Jesus' command you'd need to write it as follows:

"Freely you received, freely give." (Matt 10:8)

The Bible Translation, © 2022 Bible Translator, licensed under CC-BY, a translation of The Critical Text, © 2020 Critical Text Owner, licensed under CC-BY.

You can imagine how disruptive this would be for readers who are new to the Bible. Hence most Bible translations will make a deal with critical text owners to have permission to translate them without attribution.

Requiring attribution just puts a legal obstacle to using your resource, and will make those who forget to attribute become lawbreakers. Most people will attribute correctly anyway, and any that don't can be rebuked in Christian community rather than being threatened with a lawsuit.

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