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This is based on just one verse.

Jesus' command to "freely give" is recorded in just one verse (Matt 10:8), but it would be wrong to dismiss or minimize its significance for that reason.

Firstly, even if there is only one verse to substantiate a doctrine, that is still a verse of Scripture and a command of Jesus himself. The number of times it appears in Scripture is a matter of interest but not of authority.

Secondly, there are other key doctrines that are also only explicitly declared in one verse. For example:

  • The persons of the Trinity — Matt 28:19
  • The divine inspiration of Scripture — 2 Tim 3:16
  • Complementarianism — 1 Tim 2:12

Astute observers will be quick to point out that there is far more evidence for the above doctrines than those individual verses alone. While they may be the clearest articulation of the doctrines, they are far from being all Scripture has to say on the matter. It is likewise with the free giving ethic.

Thirdly, there is lots of Scripture that directly and indirectly speaks on this issue. Most notably:

  • Paul's free giving ethic — 1 Cor 9:18, 2 Cor 11:7
  • Condemnation of individuals — 1 Sam 2:15-17, Micah 3:11, 2 Kings 5:15-16, Acts 8:18-21, John 2:14-16
  • Warnings about commercializing ministry — 2 Cor 2:17, 1 Tim 6:5-8, Titus 1:10-11, 1 Peter 5:1-2, Luke 16:13
  • General warnings about money — too many to list

The Dorean Principle also draws out many other relevant insights from Scripture, such as the free nature of the gospel, the behavior of the apostles, the behavior of false teachers, etc.

Condemnation of commercial ministry

There are many passages that directly condemn commercializing ministry.