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What about publishers and stores?

Like authors, publishers and stores should be financially supported so they are able to cover their costs and pay wages for their staff. While it can be challenging to raise funds it can also be challenging to cover costs through sales. There is nothing preventing a thriving publishing ministry from operating exclusively from the generosity of God's people.

If everyone who currently purchases books donated instead, then there would already be enough funding to sustain the current system. The problem then is not the availability of finance, but the hearts of Christians.

Things that should change:

  • Rather than covering printing costs via sales, they could be covered by financial support
  • Rather than covering publishing expenses through sales, they could be paid for up front by authors
  • Rather than having exclusive deals with authors, anyone should be able to print their works
  • Rather than charging for ebooks, they should always be completely free

There is the possibility of people abusing the free availability of products, and taking more than they need. But there are ways of dealing with that that don't have to resort to using money to regulate it.

While questionable, there is still the option of charging for production expenses only. But there should never be a price tag on the actual teaching, or exclusive deals that prevent other publishers from also distributing works.