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Why target parachurch ministry?

This theology is not meant to target anyone. It's meant to be a faithful reading of Scripture. It does seem to have more implications for parachurch ministries than churches though. This isn't because they are any worse than anyone else. Everyone has been urging the commercialization of ministry on, producers and consumers alike.

The reason why this has more implications for parachurch ministries is mostly historical. Churches are communities by definition and have an active audience always present to fund the ministry. Parachurch ministries are less communal and so have not had a pool of people who want to actively participate and fund the ministry.

So they instead have turned to commercial models to fund the ministry and have established their ministries on such models for decades. They are now so reliant on them that it will be very difficult to switch to a free giving model.

Since everyone has been involved in commercializing ministry, we should all be involved in decommercializing it. Churches should come alongside existing parachurch ministries to help fund them and move them away from reliance on commercial practices.