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We live in a different era.

It is true we live in a very different time to that of the early disciples. They had hardly any ministry resources, where as we have an abundance. They could not afford to produce mass amounts of resources, where as our resources are generally very affordable. For that reason, is there really an issue with charging for resources when they are so affordable anyway?


Firstly, it has never been easier to freely give then it is today. We are the most prosperous society that has ever existed on Earth, with unparalleled access to education, entertainment, healthcare, etc. It is absurd to suggest that the disciples were to freely give in their impoverished ancient society and we are not to.

Secondly, the abundance of resources we enjoy are limited primarily to English-speakers or the West in general. The rest of the world has very few resources and we forbid them from translating any of the abundance we have.

Thirdly, biblical ethics do not change. The command to freely give was not about practicalities but about the principle of emulating God's grace. God's grace remains free and our giving should too.

The scope of Jesus' command

Interpreting it too broadly or too narrowly misunderstands Jesus' expectation for ministry.